A state-of-the-art home deserves a state-of-the-art oxygen system.
Create a more a rejuvenating and functional high altitude home.

Oxyspace Machinery

The OXYSPACE Oxygen Enriched Air generator is a state of the art piece of equipment manufactured by The Oxygen Company Inc. of Glenwood Springs, CO. Each unit intakes ambient air, captures the oxygen, then dispenses it through custom designed 3D printed outlet ports. Our systems include everything needed to enrich your home, from our proprietary generators and delivery mechanism, to our custom controls. Activating our system is as easy as pushing a button and maintenance is limited to changing filters every six months to a year (depending on usage.) Each Oxy Space Generator is pre-tested at high altitude to ensure proper function and is fine-tuned to meet each location’s specified oxygen flow rate and purity.  The OXYSPACE generators do not store compressed gas or have any tanks to refill which guarantee both safety and longevity. Our machinery also includes built in safety mechanisms to prevent over heating, increase longevity and eliminate the possibility of over oxygenation.

PSA Technology

Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) technology is used for separating specific ingredients from gas compounds or for eliminating specific ingredients in order to separate & refine (concentrate) certain gases. The basic principal of PSA is that under pressure a raw material gas goes through an absorption tower which is filled with a molecular sieve adsorbent. Chosen gases are absorbed first and the remaining gases are purged from the absorption tower.  PSA is a proven technology used in a multitude of commercial products. Our proprietary generators utilize this PSA technology to produce the maximum amount of oxygen while using the least amount of electrical power.

Outlet Ports

Altitude Solutions Inc. incorporates the latest in 3D printing technology for custom outlet port designs for inside the home. This gives us tremendous flexibility when it comes to fulfilling the unique and exact needs of each client. Every home is different and personal to the owner. Being able to produce and meet the distinctive design requirements of each project in an extremely timely manner is another way we are keeping pace with the ever changing high end custom home market.