More Oxygen. Feel Better.

Don’t let the high altitude ruin your next adventure in the mountains. Lessen or even prevent symptoms of high altitude by creating an oxygen enriched environment in your mountain home. This cutting edge amenity can lower the elevation of your bedroom to promote quicker acclimatization to your higher elevation.
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The Oxygen Company Inc and our team are here to help you and your family feel your best at high altitude. Ease your acclimatization period to high elevation with an oxygen enrichment system in your mountain home.

Why more Oxygen?

The mountains are filled with beauty and adventure, but also a lack of oxygen. Over 60% of people
who travel to elevations above 7000 feet experience some form of altitude sickness.
Learn how having an oxygen rich environment can relieve or even prevent altitude sickness while promoting better sleep and quicker recovery.


My kids love to ski, but I just suffered every time we came to Colorado. After sleeping with the oxygen system on, I haven’t had any issues and I feel great!

Tom J. – Snowmass, Colorado

Advanced Design Features

Every oxygen enrichment system is custom designed and integrates seamlessly into your home. Systems include custom made machinery, specialized controls and personalized 3D printed outlet ports.


Breathe easy and feel your best at high altitude!