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Systems designed around your needs to breathe easy at high altitude.

Altitude Solutions Inc. is the industry leader and innovator in oxygen enrichment technology. We have introduced a revolutionary new way to increase the oxygen content of specific spaces inside your home in order to help you and your family overcome the debilitating effects of high altitude. By increasing the amount of oxygen in a given space, our air enrichment system can simulate a lower elevation, which in turn provides a more pleasant, restful and rejuvenating environment to you, your family, and your guests.

Introducing OXYSPACE

The exclusive OxySpace Oxygen Enrichment System is the latest technology developed by our team. We bring you the best available method on the market to help temporarily and permanently deal with high altitude vacationing and living.

Our system works by capturing oxygen from ambient air and redistributing it to various locations inside your home. All oxygen enrichment is done on site utilizing our patent pending processes. No pressurized storage tanks or deliveries will ever be necessary.

Our proprietary oxygen enrichment machines are installed inside the home in an ideal and unobtrusive location where our unique process can take place. Our machines capture oxygen from surrounding air and then distribute it to desired areas throughout the home. In order to accomplish this, specialized tubing to transport the oxygen is installed from the machinery location to the applicable outlet sites.

Through our custom formulas, we are able to calculate the exact amount of oxygen enrichment needed to alter the altitude of a given space. Each OxySpace system is custom designed for you and your home’s exact needs. Controls for the system can either be integrated with your in-home automation, or simple in-room switches can be installed. Lowering your homes “elevation” can be as simple pushing a button.

We can proudly say that all of our systems are assembled in the USA at our facilities in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, using parts that are 100% American Made.

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