Why it’s so good

Oxygen enriched air can provide increased health and wellness at high altitude.
Our oxygen enrichment technology keeps you going, where you go is up to you.

High Altitude

All too often, travelers to high altitude have been forced to end their stay early, or not make the trip at all due to the adverse effects of being oxygen deprived. Altitude Solutions Inc.’s mission is to provide a safe and effective way to live, work and play comfortably at higher altitudes while maintaining the levels of energy and activity one is accustomed to. We can ease your transition to elevations where the amount of breathable oxygen is far less than at sea level. Oxygen deficiency, or hypoxia, is the main cause of altitude sickness, which can bring on debilitating symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, stomach illness, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, and sleep disturbance. Without a sufficient supply of oxygen, the complex system that is the human body cannot operate at its peak. By providing a non-medical level of oxygen, we can assist with the transition to a higher altitude and keep you at operating at your maximum performance levels.


The inability to sleep is one of the most frequent complaints of being at high altitude. This can be associated with an increased heart rate. At high altitude, your heart has to work much harder to pump your blood. Sleeplessness also increases the amount of time it will take your body to acclimate to higher elevations. Your body’s automatic response to high altitude is to increase red blood cell production, which mostly occurs while you sleep.

Sleeping in an oxygen enriched environment can increase your ability to get a restful night’s sleep. With our specialized acclimatization formula, our oxygen enrichment systems will not only help relieve high altitude symptoms, but also help you acclimate faster to your new altitude.

Exercise and Muscle Recovery

The mountains offer a large variety of physical activities. Exercise capacity is reduced at high altitude due to a lack of oxygen. A fast and efficient recovery from any type of workout is the key to getting you back to top form. Supplemental oxygen after any physical activity can promote quicker muscle recovery by increasing blood circulation, reducing lactic acid build up and easing subsequent muscle soreness.


One of the first signs of altitude sickness is long and lasting headaches. This normally occurs because your body has not created the red blood cells needed to offset the lack of available oxygen. In essence, your brain is being starved of oxygen, and a headache is the body’s way of communicating that something is wrong. Our systems are designed to provide an oxygen enriched sleeping environment as well as an option for immediate directed oxygen, which can significantly ease or even prevent debilitating and painful headaches.


Lack of oxygen at high altitude can intensify the morning after a night of indulgence. Help relieve the symptoms of a hangover with supplemental oxygen by increasing blood circulation, boosting the body’s ability to remove toxins and impurities.


Constant air travel have you feeling sluggish? Commercial airplanes are pressurized to about 8000 feet, sometimes air travel can present similar symptoms as high altitude. Recover from jet lag and fatigue more quickly with an oxygen rich environment.

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